Top 13 scary videos

13 Bob Kowal Attic Hatched infestation
Cover Photo, Image may contain: night, outdoor and text

12 Jeff and Chris Davis Davis Graveyard

Please note: Davis Graveyard is NOT a haunted house, it is viewed from the street only –

The Story of the Davis Graveyard

A Tale of Halloween

How does one become obsessed enough with Halloween to dedicate months of time, hundreds of dollars and the better part of their home to the transformation? It all started with our family and friends. We love Halloween. They love Halloween. We’ve always wanted to create an elaborate yard display … so have they. And faster than you can say “trick or treat” the plan is hatched. Next thing you know, they’re spending every available minute at your house, transforming the garage, driveway, front yard and house into a realistic graveyard. From this initial haunt, the 1031 Club was born. When we purchased the house we live in today. From the moment we laid eyes on the yard, we knew its destiny was that of the ultimate Halloween cemetery. It took several years to bring the dead and dying to life, but the dream has become a reality. For over 10 years, we have created a creepy crawly yard haunt that has attracted people from all over the Portland area. It has become a spectacle of spectres that we are all quite proud of. But none of this would have happened had it not been for our good friends and family members who started us down this path, as well as the inspiration from fellow yard haunters throughout the country. From our family of freaks, fiends and the gratefully undead to yours, happy haunting.

The Ghosts With The Most…

11 Chris Baker The village Mire Yard Haunt
Village Mire :: Halloween Haunted House Cape Cod
Dr. Wolfram’s creatures once again terrorized the Village Mire in the Captain’s Village South Yarmouth on All Hallows Eve.

10Picture Gina and Chris Hollywood Haunters
Hollywood Haunter is a husband and wife team that loves to take Halloween decorating to the extreme. Using their scenic design and fabrication experience, they try building different themed environments which gives their community the sense that they are walking onto a movie set in their own neighborhood. They also enjoy sharing their process with the haunt community on YouTube in an educational but entertaining way. In 2014 Hollywood Haunter was a contestant on ABC’s “The Great Halloween Fright Fight” competing for the most extreme yard haunt in America. Hollywood Haunter is looking forward to Halloween 2016 and another year to take Halloween to the extreme.
9 Matt Ford House at haunted hill
Address: 4400 Saltillo St, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Opened: October 31, 2000
Phone: (818) 884-1917
The House at Haunted Hill is a high-tech haunted attraction at a home in Woodland Hills, California. The attraction showcases a number of age-old tricks such as Pepper’s ghost, and advanced special effects and multi-channel audio.
8 Boney Island
6 Dead with Dave
5 Wallace Manor Haunt
4 Good Speed
3 Tara
2 Raven Manor UT
1 Skull and Bones   Miss Rose
A tale of two cities and two haunters. It beings in the year 2005. Rob a professional art designer and home haunter from San Luis Obispo CA. Had come up with a new back story with his haunted cemetery display a young beautiful school teacher heading out at night to elope with her bow. Had become hopelessly lost in the forest wondering endless with no avail she eventually came to exhaustion and  despair and fell to the ground. The next day her seemly lifeless body was discovered and pronounced dead and entombed alive. As in often the case with unfortunate souls meaning such a hora mais despise. Her ghost from that day onward walked the earth ringing her hand bell searching in vain for beloved.  A tragic
love story poe himself would have loved this is good stuff. The haunt would be seen by a lot of people because Rob was already very well know on the haunt forms by a large number of haunters under the name skull and bone his online tutorial mainly for home haunts were becoming quite popular over the last year. people were eager to see his new props and lighting showcased by his creative use of light this year a more powerful street light outside of his home had forced him to to completely redo his design haunts lighting scheme and as fortune would have it the new lighting plan worked perfectly with the new backstory background elements light his house and certain manor props lite by warm ambers and reds  with lots of candles and lampes well for ground elements shaped areas creeper more sinister props lite with cool blues and purples pellet and detailing took on the richness and texture of a renaissance painting and the contrast of warm and cool tones made the landscape more creepy and beautiful the haunting of miss  rose was those born in that year and the 3 that would follow would become one of the more appreciated and emulated haunts in North America. As many people told him its not only gorgeous it just plane just had class main while far north in a town just outskirts of portland oregon a fledgling haunter and his family by the name of Guy. preparing for their first Halloween in their new home. Guy his wife and their 3 kids had moved to the portland area from San francisco where they had always lived in an apartment or areas with no children he always loved haunts he always wanted one of his own but circumstances never promoted. New they had a house with a lawn and a neighborhood full of kids. In a Halloween friendly town. This first year still under the financial biren of having just moved so they made do with some jack o lanterns backlights in the windows and guy looked forward to building haunt of his dreams in the years to follow he discovered the online haunter forms and under his new online haunter as Doctor killinger set about learning all he could from many different forms and websites including that of our friend skull and bones he fell in love with the miss rose haunt and held it as a shining example display can achieve the sort of ingenuity and care that skull and bone took in making his we move head now 3 years halloween 2008 night had ended doctor killenger still without his haunt. He did have a really cool window display with a few props and a FCG a guarantee traffic stopper in any neighborhood
he year haunt still eluded him not willing to settle for the yard haunt that looked hurry burry of a garage sell he wanted a complete unified display something with a sense of continuity and purpose

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